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Gáspár Dental prices


Oral surgery

ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
New patient’s examination, consultation, treatment plan30 €A
Digital panoramic x-ray32 €C
Dental x-ray16 €C
Soft laser treatment10 €A
ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Tooth extraction80 €B
Surgical tooth removal150 €B
Dentoalveolar operation (resection)180 €B
Sinus lift650 €E
Laser surgery (Oral, face, head, neck, etc)150 €E

Oral surgery


ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Dental hygienic treatment with scaling 70 € B
Polishing 22 € C
Bio whitening 80 € B
Chemical whitening, Opalescence 250 € B
Whitening with lamp, Pola office 280 € B
Whitening with diode laser JW Heydent 350 € B
ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Implantation (10 year manufacturer guarantee) SGS, Semados650 €/pieceE
Implant head (SGS, Semados) 100 € E
Implantation Strauman ("lifetime" manufacturer guarantee) 850 € E
Implant head (Straumann) 250 € E
Implantology surgical materials (bone grafting 0,5 g - 2 g) 160 € E

Prosthetic dentistry

Preservative treatments

ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Aesthetic fillings / tooth, aesthetic material 45 € C
Premium fillings / tooth, premium material 90 € C
Root canal treatment with lasers and traditional ways / canal 70 € C
Post and core (metal, metal free, titanium) 70 € C
Metalceramic crown or piece of bridge with porcelain coverage (+ price of gold) 180 € D
Inlay, onlay 150 € D
Porcelain veeners 200 € D
Post and core (metal, metal free, titanium) 80 € D
Denture, prosthesis 400 € D
ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Fixing moving teeth 35 € C
Bone grafting with various materials / tooth 160 € E
Dental pocket treatment with diode laser (3 times treatment suggested) 180 € C
APDT laser treatment (3 times treatment suggested) 150 € C
Periodontal pocket cleaning (deep cleaning) + laser treatment / quadrant€ 70C

Orthodontics and children dentistry

Narcosis and dental allergy testing

ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Consultation 25 € E
Planning 150 € E
Passive appliance 150 € E
Active appliences 250 € E
Lingual bend 150 € E
Goshgarian appliance 150 € E
Metal multiband 600 € E
Porcelain multiband 980 € E
Primary teeth fillings 40 € E
ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Dental metal allergy examination100 €E
Allergy examination of other dental materials100 €E
General anaestesia, short intratracheal narcosis (30 min) 200 € E
General anaestesia, intratracheal narcosis (first hour) 350 € E
General anaestesia, intratracheal narcosis (from every 30 min) 150 € E
Postoperative care in patient room (1-3 hours) 80 € E
Patient room, nursing, medical duty (3-24 hours) 120 € E

Gáspár Medical prices



ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Consultation60 €A
Examination (nose inside, meatus and larynx)50 €C
Audiology examination30 €C
Soft laser therapy of the allergic symptoms/ treatment24 €A
Nasal breathing correction with laser1.500 €C
Laser adenotomy 1.500 €C
Tonsils partial removal with laser1.500 €C
Tonsillectomy with lasers1.800 €C
Snore stopping laser surgery1.100 €C
Laser larynx and syringeal operation1.100 €C
Hearing improvement surgery1.100 €C
Gromette implantation420 €C
Infusion treatment of vertigo and impaired hearing68 €C
Surgical remove of the skin mutation170 €C
Facial rinsing in local anaesthesia, 1 side75 €C
Facial rinsing in local anaesthesia, 2 sides70 €C
Nosebleed stopping with lasers160 €C
Nosehedge surgery in local anaesthesia1.500 €C
Nosehedge surgery with laser1.500 €C
Laser adenotomy (surgical removal of adenoids)1.500 €C
Laser tympanoplasty1.200 €C
Rhynophima surgery with laser1.300 €C
Plastic surgery of projecting ears / side1.400 €C
ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Epicutan test - dental standard series55 €C
Epicutan test - dental metal series55 €C
Epicutan test - dermatological allergens (hungarian series)60 €C
Epicutan test - local anaesthetics100 €C
Epicutan tests - antibiotics, nonstreoid demulcents, analgesics100 €C
Epicutan test - medicines130 €C
Epicutan tests - preservatices75 €C
Prick test - respiratory allergenic substances65 €C
Prick test - food allergenic substances65 €C



ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
New patient’s examination, consultation, prescription, referral, recall65 €A
Controll & suture removal35 €A
Histological examination75 €C
Prescription15 €A
ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Birthmark removal (histological examination not included) min.68 €C
Birthmark removal (histological examination nnot included) max.175 €C
Viral wart, fibroma, age-related spots, vasodilation (min.)70 €C
Viral wart, fibroma, age-related spots Vasodilation (average)180 €C
Wrinkle treatment with ErYAG laser (in anaestesia not included)1500 €C
Wrinkle fill-up treatment with Botox / area1500 €E
Inhibition of armpits sweating with Botox (2 sides)750 €E
Facial wrinkle fill-up treatment with hyaluronic acid 0,5 ml200 €E
Facial wrinkle fill-up treatment with hyaluronic acid 1,0 ml420 €E
Ingrown nail removal with laser (1 side)160 €C
Ingrown nail removal with laser (2 sides)210 €C
Ingrown nail removal with laser (3 sides)280 €C
Ingrown nail removal with laser (4 sides) subjective

Plastic surgery

Medicine, screening

ServicePrice (from)
Upper eyelidplasticy1.300 €
Lower eyelidplasticy1.500 €
Face lift min.3.000 €
Complete rhinoplasty1.800 €
Breast augmentation2.750 €
Breast reduction2.750 €
Dermolipectomia + liposuction2.300 €
Liposuction500 €
ServicePriceGMC discount category
New patient’s examination, consultation, prescription, referral, recall, treatment plan35 €A

Occupational health - company doctor

Ophthalmologic examination of workers in front of monitor (regularly 2 years)12 €
OKJ course test for heath suitability25 €



ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
New patient’s examination, treatment plan30 €A
Controll15 €A
Ultrasound examination (urological)30 €C
Prostata rectal ultrasound examination25 €C
Child testical surgery (narcosis, patient room not included)450 €C
Adult testical surgery (narcosis, patient room not included)550 €C
Laser surgeries (small)110 €C
Laser surgeries (average)180 €C
Laser surgeries (special) special C
ServicePriceGMC discount category
General anaestesia, short intratracheal narcosis (30 min)200 €C
General anaestesia, intratracheal narcosis (first hour)350 €C
General anaestesia, intratracheal narcosis (from every 30 min)150 €C
Postoperative care in patient room (1-3 hours)80 €C
Patient room, nursing, medical duty (3-24 hours)120 €C
Overnight patient room, nursing, medical duty (in case of plastic surgery)180 €C


ServicePrice (from)GMC discount category
Laboratory examination before narcosis100 €C
Laboratory examination before smaller surgeries25 €C
Routin laboratory examination25 €C
Focal inflammation examination (routine laboratory + Fe, AST, CRP)100 €C
Worker screening laboratory test (routine laboratory + Fe, K, Na)25 €C

Information about prices

Price does not include hidden costs!

Our prices do not contain hidden expenses. The list prices are applicable for typical (in terms of size, time requirement and medicament/material need), so called average cases. In simpler, easier than average interventions the prices can be lower, while in special cases of more complicated and longer interventions, it can be higher.

We prepare individual treatment plans and prices in each cases beforehand and discuss them with our customers/patients. The plan contains the detailed description of the proposed interventions, the conditions, time need, the expected results, other consequences and the potential complications.

In case of surgical interventions, the patients get detailed information and requested to sign an informed consent. The expected expenses, the way of the payment and its schedule is also agreed. If the patient accepts the treatment plan, the timetable, the agreed price and signs the informed consent, the interventions may take place. In rare special cases the treatment plan has to be modified unexpectedly for medical reasons, which can have consequences on the price too. However the necessary adjustment/modification is shared with the patients.

The published prices are for information, they are not tailored and cannot be considered as an offer. In all surgery and on the reception the valid and detailed price list is available. We reserve the right to make changes and our prices are valid till withdrawal.

The Gáspár Medical Center (GMC) offers a GMC Club Card (Bronze, Silver, Gold) for their loyal patients, which entitles them to use our services on a reduced price. The detailed information about our loyalty program is available at the Reception. The existence of the Hungarian Health Insurance can have also impact on the price.